Tall Compression Socks (Black/Orange)
Tall Compression Socks (Black/Orange)
Tall Compression Socks (Black/Orange)
Tall Compression Socks (Black/Orange)
Tall Compression Socks (Black/Orange)
Tall Compression Socks (Black/Orange)
Tall Compression Socks (Black/Orange)
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Tall Compression Socks (Black/Orange)

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  • Made tougher for outdoor warriors.

  • The most well made compression socks on the planet.

  • Built to enhance performance and recovery with 15-20 mmhg graduated compression

  • Protective backing for rope climbs and traverses

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We set out to make the best mud run socks in the world.  

Our compression socks are built to help protect you from nasty gashes, rope traverses, and other injuries in obstacle course racing. 

168 needlepoint compression construction

The difference comes from 168 needlepoint compression construction with a tougher yarn that provides good compression with superior abrasion resistance compared to gym quality compression socks and sleeves. 

The back of the calf features an extra layer of protection that still drains well and remains light for long distance courses.The full-length MudGear Compression Obstacle Race sock is a tribute to the nasty gashes suffered by OCR racers at the hands of long rope traverses and painful slides across rusty metal poles.  

Protect from rope burn and other injuries

This is the only compression sock we know about that is built with a layer of padding on the lower leg and calf that protects from rope burn and other injuries.  We think they are simply the world's best mud run socks. 

The MudGear Compression Obstacle Race Sock is made in the USA.

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