MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)
MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)

MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)

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Socks built for the competitive outdoor athlete.

  • High quarter ankle built to keep out dirt from the trail
  • Superior handling of water and mud
  • Long lasting comfort

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Top outdoor athletes know that choosing the right gear is critical to maximizing performance.  Those looking to gain a competitive edge require gear built specifically to handle the toughest conditions of their sport. These tough mud run socks excel on the open trail, in mud runs, obstacle courses and adventure races.

The MudGear 1/4 Crew Trail Sock was custom designed by accomplished footwear craftsman Nate Banks. Nate has designed footwear for several top sports brands and recently brought that expertise back to the family business in Hickory, North Carolina.  Nate was drawn to the challenge of designing a sock for a sport that includes long miles and full submersion.  The result is a strongly functional trail sock with exciting performance features.

The first thing you will notice about these socks is the relatively high ankle that is tight enough to keep out dirt and rocks, but is not a tight compression fit.  The footbed is soft and cushioned but not thick in a way that will soak up and hold water or mud.  There is good ventilation on the lower arch and upper foot for air flow and to help with drainage.  The sock wears comfortably despite being built to shed water quickly.

"These socks were right up my alley and performed great. They have a good snug fit while not being overly tight and the 1/4 crew is a nice length for racing on trails. Another thing that struck me as nice was that they were padded just enough on the bottom without holding too much water. It is a very fine balance that socks need to strike to have padding while not holding water and they achieved it." 
- Dario, Dirty Miles Obstacle Course Racing

"I am not a racer that normally is very picky about socks, with the only rule I insist on is that my socks are not cotton only. But after wearing these very specifically designed socks, I think I am going to be much more detailed in my sock choices for racing in the future. The padding and drainage in the footbed is outstanding, and the socks have just enough spandex support that they do not slip at all when dry or wet. The idea of a higher ankle collar is a smart choice for OCR racers, and pairing that with ventilation and strong seams throughout the socks provided me with the best road and trail feel I have had in a pair of racing socks. The socks did not slip or move during training, nor during racing. They provided the highest level of comfort I have experienced in a running sock. They never felt weighed down with water and did not ever have the feel of a wet sock, but actually kept a softer feel the whole time my feet were around or under water." 
- Michael Matter, Mud and Adventure

The MudGear 1/4 Crew Trail Sock is made in the USA.

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