FiA Patches

The FiA Gear Store is here to help you produce custom patches with the licensed FiA Logo.

All patch designs must be reviewed by the FiA Branding Committee and once approved will be ordered through the FiA Gear Store. After the artwork is finalized, the "Patch Q" will receive an invoice from MudGear by which to remit payment. When payment is received, order production will begin. 
As with all FiA Gear, the 20% FiA Royalty portion of the patch sales will be used towards FiA Expansion efforts -- so thank you for your order and for supporting FiA's growth! 
  • Payment is due for the entire order once the order details are confirmed, and prior to production.
  • The Patch Q is responsible for collecting payment for individual orders.
  • Standard Production Time: 4 weeks.
  • Rush service is available for a 10% premium. Rush orders are usually 2-2.5 weeks.
  • Orders will be shipped in one box to the Patch Q who will then distribute the patches at workouts or the event.

    General Price Estimate per patch (includes FiA Royalty)

    Price per patch Order Quantity
    $1.95 200 patches
    $2.25 100 patches
    $2.91 75 patches
    $3.25 50 patches
    $4.25 25 patches
    $5.59 15 patches
    $7.25 10 patches

    To get started, email your patch design to  Remember, all uses of the FiA logo are subject to final approval by the FiA Branding Committee.