FiA Custom Logo Shirts: 3 Review and Promote Your Order

  • Now that your logo and shirt selections are complete, the next step is for us to create a listing for your pre-order in the FiA Gear Store. We try to complete this step in 2 to 3 days, but times may vary based on demand. Once complete, you will receive a link to preview your listing.


How can I buy extras?
If you want to buy any extra shirts to have on hand (whether for FNGs or FiAs who may miss the deadline), just place those orders online as normal before the pre-order deadline.  But these "extra" shirts must be paid for by you, the merchandise Q.  These cannot be subsidized by FiA.

How can I keep track of orders?
As Merchandise Q, you will receive an email "receipt" each time a shirt is purchased.  This allows you to track minimums -- this is why we need an email from you.  Please remember that if a FiA approaches you about an order or a question about or a problem with a product, the best approach is to direct her to  If YOU have any questions, please contact

TO DO: Review Your Listing - Once you receive the ink to preview the pre-order page, please check the following:

  • Is the pre-order displayed in the correct region or city?
  • Did we include all the shirt styles that you requested?
  • Does the back logo size and placement look correct?
  • Do the logo and any fonts look clear and as you designed? (this will be your LAST chance to make edits)
  • Does the order deadline and target shipping date meet your needs?
  • If there is any custom text or photos to add to the listing page for your PAX, you may email it to us. 

TO DO: Promote The Order - Once everything looks perfect, it’s time to promote the pre-order with your PAX. Tweet out a photo and the link and tag #FiAGear, email your area FiAs, and announce the pre-order deadline at COTs to be sure nobody misses out. We recommend giving reminders one week before the deadline, 2 days before, and a couple on the last day. We’ll email you a couple days before the deadline to remind you to make that final push.

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