FiA Custom Logo Shirts: 1 Design Your Logo

  • The first step in creating a great logo is determining the Merchandise Q. If you are reading this, you are probably the Merchandise Q. There will be many opinions, but your direction will ensure your regional shirt is a true representation of your PAX.
  • All FiA shirts must be sold via the FiA Gear Store.  Here's why.
  • All FiA shirt designs require approval by the FiA National Board.
  • Your logo should represent your region.  Use these guidelines to speed approval:
    • Do not incorporate the FiA circle logo into your design.  It is generally acceptable to use the text FiA or "Females in Action" in a way that does not simulate the logo, such as in “FiA Lexington”
    • Keep it clean and simple.  The goal is to have a logo that represents your region that is visible to others.
  • Beyond these approval guidelines, you should also:
    • Avoid photo-realistic images that will not screen print easily
    • Remember that each ink color adds to the price of the shirt (about $1 per color)
  • If you'd like professional help with your logo, we have talented designers in the PAX who can help. Find a Designer.

  • TO DO: Request Approval - When your logo design is final, you will submit it for approval. Send an email to and include:
    • The Merchandise Q's FiA Name, Real Name, email address, and phone number
    • The city/region of your PAX
    • An image of your logo (.jpg or .pdf)
  • You will receive a response in one to two days
  • TO DO: Send Final Artwork - When your logo is approved (see above), you must send us the logo file in .ai or .eps format that is vectorized for screen printing.  Most designers can vectorize, or we can do this for you for $35

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