TN - Northeast (Johnson City)

Logo Description:

What makes FIA home? Why do you keep coming back day after day, morning after morning, when you are tired, when you hurt, when you can't do one more burpee? What makes FiA special? We asked these questions in Northeast Tennessee and these are the answers we got! This shirt represents all that makes our FiA special to us. This shirt celebrates all the support, challenges, and uniqueness that is FiA! More than anything, it celebrates the deep bond that all FiA sisters have - the knowing that no matter where you go, what you do, you can always find a FIA sister who will lift you up when you fall! So, here's to us! 
The shirt was put together by GI Jane in Northeast Tennessee with words and thoughts from the entire FiA Northeast Tennessee PAX. The design was inspired by an article and words written by Jenny Sugar for PopSugar fitness