TN - Knoxville

Region's History:
FiA Knoxville officially launched in West Knoxville on June 2, 2018 at The Chapel in Lakeshore Park. Our free, peer-led bootcamp workouts happen 3 times a week. We love to reach and inspire women of all ages and abilities by providing a great workout and fellowship to reach a common goal to be stronger and better together.
Logo Description:

The FiA Knoxville logo is inspired by the skyline of Knoxville. It features The Sunsphere from the World’s Fair of 1982 and The Chapel where our workouts are held. We also use the Tri-Star symbol of our Tennessee flag and of course the color orange which represents our University of Tennessee Volunteers. Thanks to Vegas who brought our ideas to life!

Twitter: @FiAKnoxville
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