SC - Summerville

Region's History:
FiA Summerville started on April 4, 2015 with a big bang and we haven't stopped growing since! We currently have 13 workouts a week to choose from! FiA Summerville is a strong group of supportive ladies of all different levels that have come together to grow our sweet little town into a family of physically, spiritually strong and empowering ladies!

Logo Description:

When designing the 2016 Summerville logo, regional designer Boo worked to pull together ideas symbolic of Summerville and its FiA region! The pretty flower centerpiece represents Summerville's reputation as "Flowertown in the Pines". The words encircling the flower describe the awesome ladies of FiA Summerville. The region's favorite hashtag #bettertogether and a meaningful phrase "kind heart, fierce mind, brave spirit" perfectly sum up how we support one another! If you follow along, the outer ring of words all start with F then I then A: fun, fitness, improvement, inviting, awesome, and active!  The inner ring of words also are F - I - A words: friendship, faith, inspired, involved, accountable, and addictive. This logo is a pure representation of what FiA Summerville is all about!

Social Media:

Twitter at @FIASummerville.

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