SC - Grand Strand (Myrtle Beach)



Region's History:
FiA nation had not made its way to the Grand Strand quite yet, but we made it happen in August, 2015! We started with one bootcamp a week and have grown to four boot camps and one run (soon to be two). Our pax members support each other during workouts and afterwards, especially at Coffeteria! We are committed to letting God's light shine through us and to growing our FiA Nation. 
Logo Description:
Our logo was redesigned in October, 2016. Surfboards represent the ocean which is about a half-mile away (as the crow flies) from our AOs, Homebase and Magnolia. The hibiscus flower represents the Market Common, where both of our AOs are located, what used to be the old Air Force base. We chose to add Matthew 5:16 because we end each prayer asking that His light shine through us. And, of course, we are Stronger Together, Better Together! 
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