NC - Raleigh

Region's History: 
FiA Raleigh launched in September 2014.  Since then we have steadily grown in number of PAX as well as number of workouts.  We have Tuesday and Saturday bootcamps and a Thursday run.  We have a great core of leaders that help organize not just the workouts but social and SWAG (strong women achieving greatness) events as well.  Each workout we laugh, sweat, push and support each other, but most of all we have a great time (and don’t forget the chatter).    

Logo Description: 
The FiA Raleigh logo features the dogwood flower, our launch date and the better together tag. Dogwood trees are very strong, diverse, and can grow almost anywhere. Its flower not only represents NC as the state flower (which is appropriate being the capital and all), but also our region’s beauty and welcoming nature.  A strong yet beautiful work of nature; what better way to represent a group like FiA?