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Highland Creek summary:
FiA Highland Creek was started in March 2014.  We were the first to bring the FiA experience to North Charlotte.  We currently offer 3 workouts per week – all in the community we love & call home.  FiA brings together women of all ages who share a love of fitness & community.  Though we all initially came to this group for a workout, we have found so much more.  The women of FiA Highland Creek truly encompass the FiA motto of #bettertogether.

History of Highland Creek logo:
We're grateful to our own Buckeye who brought our logo to fruition—it represents our love of our home state & our community as well as details the areas of our life in which FiA has helped us to become #bettertogether: our faith, our friendships & our strength (both physical & emotional).

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Regional Q (and acting Merchandise Q):
Haley "Comet" Hill  -

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