FiA - TN: Johnson City

Region History:
FiA North East Tennessee was launched in downtown Johnson City at Founders Park August 19, 2017. Our women have a strong sense of community, togetherness, and toughness that is, in part, due to our Appalachian roots. Our free, peer-led workouts happen 3 times a week in downtown Johnson City surrounded by the strength and beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. We build upon each other’s inner strengths to work towards our common goal of fitness but we are more than that just a workout group. We believe in lifting each other up to better all aspects of our lives – no woman is left behind. We truly are better together.


Logo Description:

The core of the FiA NE Tennessee logo is inspired by the strength, endurance, and commitment that the Rosie the Riveter design exudes. Johnson City, TN owes its existence, in large part, to the railway boom of the late 19th/early 20th centuries so our Rosie has a tattoo on her arm of the train that runs adjacent to our AO. Finally, our background shows the steadfast presence of the Appalachian Mountains that we call home.  To us our design represents the strength and commitment we bring to ourselves and our community. 

Twitter: @fianetn 

Merchandise Q: Casey "Mona Lisa" Culbert

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