FiA South Charlotte

South Charlotte Sub-region info:
As a sub-region of FiA Metro, FiA South Charlotte is an energetic and ever growing group that incorporates all workouts to the south of SouthPark area. We currently have 5 workouts: Monday bootcamp, Tuesday run, Wednesday bootcamp (the first South Charlotte site), Friday bootcamp, and Saturday bootcamp in Matthews. 

Logo info:
FiA South Charlotte's logo design was developed to represent our location and workout sites, as well as a recent bear sighting at one of the sites. Just before the design process began, a full-grown black bear was spotted at Rebel Run (thankfully not during a FiA run!). This sighting generated a lot of fun conversation from the South Charlotte FiAs and inspired the incorporation of the bear in the logo design. A compass is included in the background, representing the "South" for South Charlotte, and each site is listed within the heart of the compass. The design's clean, modern style also reflects the increasing growth and new development in the South Charlotte region. Graffiti created the design, in collaboration with the South Charlotte FiAs, and Big Bad Wolf assisted in creating the final logo.

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