FiA SC - Greenville

FiA Greenville started in January 2014 as a group of eight women who wanted to compete in a mud run with their F3 husbands. The group started by working out together 2x a week at one central location and has grown to 5 days a week and 5 different locations throughout Greenville, including Greer and Simpsonville. We strive to show that FiA is more than a workout with socials, community service projects, racing events together, and bringing laughter and food to our FiA sisters in need. FiA Greenville is Better Together! 
Merchandise Q - AnnLee "Patagonia" Giltner 
Logo Description:
At the start of 2019, inspired by the beautiful green mountains, downtown iconic suspension bridge, and the Reedy River, the FiA Greenville (SC) logo received a refresh! We firmly believe community is what makes us stronger, more empowered women, so we wanted to make sure "Better Together" was the at the top to display the reason we keep coming back.
We are so proud of the hard work from Madam Curie's (Patagonia's 2.0) original digital design to be turned into an amazing logo from a fellow F3 brother Benjamin Mitchell. He did a fantastic job making us a logo to showcase FiA Greenville (SC).
Social Media
Twitter: @FiAGVL
Instagram: @fia_greenville_sc
Facebook: FiA Greenville SC Community
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