FiA Ribbon - Never Alone Shirts 2018

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FiA will donate $2 from each shirt to the American Cancer Society.

"Fight...and when you get too tired to fight, then lay down, rest, and let somebody else fight for you." - Stuart Scott


In 2017, FiA introduced the "FiA Ribbon Shirt" -- a design which incorporated more than 150 names of women who have fought breast cancer. Through these shirt sales, FiA donated $450 to Susan G. Komen in honor and in memory of each of these warriors.

For the second annual shirt, we realized there are countless female warriors who fought many types of cancer. We watched them exemplify what it means to be courageous and strong. We stood by them, hiding tears while showing unending love and support even when it hurt deeply. We celebrated remission prognoses and fought recurrence diagnoses. Above all else, we strove to ensure our friend or family member was never alone.
With the help of designer Tara "Billboard" Hatley, we introduce the 2018 FiA Ribbon "Never Alone" shirt in honor and memory of all the women we know and love who have fought cancer. To those still fighting, we stand with you as you continue your battle. To those now at peace, we are stronger because we knew you and miss you every day.

This year's shirt again has more than 150 names of women warriors who battled, or are battling, cancer. To incorporate the names of our moms, sisters, aunts, friends, and caregivers, we continued to use the FiA letters, a poignant reminder that we are stronger together. 

The shirts will be delivered by the end of December, and will be offered again in 2019. 
We hope the shirt also serves as a year-round reminder that FiAs do not fight alone. Proceeds from the sales of the FiA Ribbon "Never Alone" shirt will be donated to the American Cancer Society, a national organization with the simple yet profound mission of freeing the world of cancer.
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Shirt Q: ESPN (Rebecca Box, LKN-NC)

Designer: Billboard (Tara Hatley, SC)

We are thrilled and humbled to introduce the 2018 edition of the FiA Ribbon shirt. This year, the shirt is honoring all warriors who fought breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or any other cancer.

Because of that, we are offering 3 shirt colors to represent each of these categories.