FiA - Q Shirt


FiA is more than just a workout...we are building physical strength, sure, but we are also improving our self-confidence and leadership skills. It may look like we're just doing pushups, but we have discovered that encouraging a woman to lead a workout provides direct leadership experience that cannot be beat.

A Q must strategize and plan ahead. She must speak-up and convey her vision to the workout group, small or large. She must inspire others when they aren't always sure they want to follow. We want a Q to feel proud of the workout and prepared to lead again. May the "Q Shirt" help you feel ready to lead by example and remind others what an honor it is to design and deliver a workout.

Oh, and if you're interested in becoming a Q, but haven't found the excuse to do so, yet, know that we'd love to have you lead. Please contact your Regional Leader to prepare for your first workout!


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