FiA Pomeroy

Region's Description:
Pomeroy, OH is a small river town with a population of about 1,900. Foreman of FiA LKN is from Pomeroy originally and helped NutriD understand all things FiA. When FiA Pomeroy first started the closest FiA workout was in Toledo, OH or Charlotte, NC. Both are at least 5 hours away. Since no one had even heard of FiA we first called ourselves the "5am Workout Group". Our first workout was May 10, 2018 and we have exploded -- we typically have 20-30 ladies at each workout. Our official FiA launch was August 11, 2018 as the third official FiA location in Ohio. We have workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00 am.
Logo Description:
Our FiA Pomeroy Logo was inspired by a picture one of our pax snapped during a morning workout. Most sunny mornings the sunrise breaks over those stairs while our pax run up one side and back down the other. The entire time they pass each other the pax are shouting encouraging words to each other.
Our original motto was "Wake up, Show up, Sweat it Up and Lift Each Other Up!!!" They came for the workout, but they came back for the positive, uplifting community of women.

Regional Instagram: @fiapomeroy
Regional Contact: Dee "Nutri-D" Swartz,
Group Photo: