FiA NC Whiteville

Regional Description:

FiA of Whiteville originated in March 2017. Our one and only, "Boom", had a vision of creating an outdoor fitness opportunity that was free and available to ALL women in our community and was given information about FiA from Whiteville F3. Since then, FiA continues to meet twice a week (Tuesday 5:30-6:15am and Saturday 8:15-9:15am) at Whiteville High School. Through challenging group workouts, weekly personal challenges, and short devotionals, we continue to become "better together"!

Logo Description:

The logo of FiA of Whiteville was created in joint effort by "Flo, "Wildcat", and "Roundhouse"! The base is the shape of Columbus County which represents our community. The arch gate is a replica of the sign over the entrance to our primary workout location at WHS. We included the date we were established, females in various fitness actions, and the slogan which we all hold dear, "better together".

Twitter Handle - @fiawhiteville

Instagram Handle - @Whitevillefia