FiA KY Louisville

Region's History:
FiA Louisville had its official launch, on March 10, 2018, as Kentucky’s first region! We had 46 PAX for our first workout on the tennis courts at Seneca Park, now fondly known as We Fancy. FiA Louisville had a great start, lots of excitement and great attendance (and that was through a couple of months of horrible weather). Saturdays alone were not going to work for this group of ladies, so we quickly added two more days and have not looked back since. Now we are working to build our PAX numbers and show them the strength and encouragement we receive from one another, to be better together!

Logo Description:
We wanted to represent city and state with our FiA Louisville logo, because we are the first region in the bluegrass! We have the outline of KY in the background, with Louisville marked with a heart. We also added our unique Louisville city line in front, because we are proud of the history and culture we have here. Finally, we could not forget what this city (and state) is known for (besides basketball and bourbon), horses and a little race they call The Kentucky Derby! We made the horses pink to honor KY Oaks Day, the day before the Derby for the fillies (strong female thoroughbreds), known as the day for the ladies. In addition, it has become a pink out day which drives national attention to the fight against breast and ovarian cancer and shows support to those marching in the Survivor’s Parade right before the big race. What better way to represent strength, support, and encouragement for women?

Twitter: @FiALouisville

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