FiA Greensboro Pre-Order 11/19

Region's History:

Launched in the beautiful Country Park of  Greensboro on May 6, 2017,  FiA Greensboro offers free, peer-led bootcamp workouts several times a week throughout the Greensboro/Oak Ridge area. Women of all ages, backgrounds and ability-levels "post" at workouts with fitness as a common goal. During these workouts, they forge friendships, build inner-strength and pursue leadership opportunities. The greater mission of FiA is that as a community of women, we make each other stronger in all areas of life, with no FiA left behind. 

Logo Description:
The FiA Greensboro logo is inspired by the Greensboro skyline, with a group of women running together. The use of the circle represents the principle of no FiA left behind. We are all connected to one another and we truly are #bettertogether!  
Merchandise Q: Lauren"Vegas"Donnalley 

Twitter: @FiaGreensboro