FiA Frontiers

Region's History:

The goal of FiA Expansion is bring FiA to new areas of the country as quickly as possible while maintaining the strong FiA leadership skills, values, and inclusive culture which make FiA so special. It is always an honor and privilege to join in the launch of a new region and we want the members of such launches to represent how far FiA reaches! Through new regions, we come together to support one another and embrace the vision of a new FiA leader to bring these workouts -- and the camaraderie -- to the local community.

Learn more about bringing FiA to a new frontier: LINK

Please direct all expansion questions and ideas to Popeye at:

Logo Description:
The compass symbolizes both direction and exploration as FiA grows to new regions. The backdrop of a wide open landscape represents both where we workout (outdoors) and where we are headed. And we cannot overlook the setting moon because, what we accomplish happens most often before the sun sheds light on the day!
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