FiA SC Lexington Down Under

AO History:
Down Under is a bootcamp workout formed of dedicated, friendly FiAs who truly care about one another and who welcome all FNGs. It was officially established in July of 2014 by FiA Columbia and soon adopted by FiA Lexington in October of that same year. Down Under is located at River Bluff High School and it meets every Mon/Wed/Fri at 5 a.m. It gets it's name from the River Bluff mascot, the gator.

Logo Description:
The lightening on the shirt represents the "Thunder" we are bringing from Down Under (and the mysterious lightening that only a few of our PAX can see). The gator is because we workout at the home of the Gators and the lady doing a burpee....well because one of our PAX is named Burpee, and therefor we DO plenty of burpees!!