FiA Crystal Coast

Region's History:
FiA Crystal Coast launched on May 13, 2017  at West Carteret High School in Morehead City.  FiA Crystal Coast offers free, peer led workouts for all women, of all ages and fitness levels.  We offer hiit, bootcamp, running, and ruck workouts throughout the week. These workouts are not only a way for us to be fit in body but also in mind and emotional wellness.  This strong group of women are there every day to support, encourage, and boost each other up.  Together, our lights shine a litter brighter.
Logo Description:
The FiA Crystal Coast logo is inspired by the lighthouses that line our beautiful coast. Just as a lighthouse guides the way for travelers, the PAX of FiA Crystal Coast are here to help others find their way.  There is nothing little about the light we shine and together we shine brighter.
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Kate Eure (Sarge)