FiA Alpha (Georgia)

Regional Description:

The Alpha region was launched on September 9th, 2017 with the goal of making the women who join stronger in all aspects of their lives.  We started at Webb Bridge Park in Alpharetta and quickly  spread into Canton.  As the first region in Georgia, we cover the large north metro area and currently have workouts throughout the week and on Saturdays.  We have women of all walks of life, ages, and fitness levels - our current group covers ages 14-62!  We all bring something special with us each time we post, and we help to make not only ourselves but every other FiA member better along the way.  We are building friendships, a sense of community, and healthier lives with each workout.  

Logo Description:

Being the first in Georgia and starting in Alpharetta, FiA Alpha seemed a good fit for our name, and the FiA Alpha logo shows where it all started. The bridge presented is the one we all passed under that first day at Webb Bridge park. , and the one we still see every Saturday at 8:00am. That location was is affectionately named the Bee Hive, which is also present in the logo (you can see it hanging from the bridge). That cute little fox you see on the path isn't there by accident, but is representative of our first Canton AO, Foxtrot! These two locations were the cornerstones of our start as part of the greater FiA Nation.

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Twitter handle: @FiAAlpha

Instagram: fia_alpha

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