FiA 5th Anniversary Jersey - Navy Shirts Pre-Order

Hard to believe it’s been five years (on January 11, 2018) since we launched what was then known as F4. A broad adaptation of F3, F4 stood for: Fitness, Fellowship, Faith AND Female. It was not long before we realized that as we strengthened our minds, bodies and spirits we were becoming Females in Action (FiA). What started in Charlotte-Metro with 2 workouts a week has now grown to 9 states and 43 regions...wonder how many cumulative burpees FiAs complete in a week!?!
And so we introduce the 2018 Jersey -- a listing of ALL FiA regions as of December 31, 2017 -- representing the amazing assembly of women we are! Thank you for being a part of this amazing organization...we are truly #bettertogether!
Logo Inspiration By: Stargazer (Allison Caldwell, FiA Columbia) and Jawhawk (Kendra Moulton, FiA Lake Murray)
Merchandise Q: Wheels (Allyson Colaco, FiAGear and FiA Metro Charlotte)
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