FiA 2017 BRR - Ultra Teams Shirt Pre-Order

This year marks the first time in FiA history that there will be FiA Ultra Teams completing the Blue Ridge Relay event. That's right: 2 - teams of 6 courageous women each will set out in pairs to conquer the hills and valleys of the 2017 BRR. As these women embark on their first Ultra adventure, we know they will forge strong bonds and create lasting memories which will fuel them well beyond the 208 miles they cover in just 24 hours. Follow the adventure on social media: #FiAEvents #FIABRR #FiASixes

Designer: Snoopy, FiA - Metro and Fonz, F3  


Order Due Date: All purchases must be made before the order due date 08/10/2017.  

Delivery Date: Orders will be produced and delivered by late-August.

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Front logo: FiA logo in white and teal ink
Back logo: FiA 2017 BRR Ultra Team logo  (ALL SHIRT STYLES BELOW)

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