FiA 2016 Race Jersey Pre-Order

2016 FiA Jersey Design:

We are leaders in our communities. Each day we push ourselves to be active, positive, supportive, and passionate women -- for our families, friends, neighbors, coworkers and even strangers.

The 2016 FiA jersey design embodies all the amazing ways FiA helps to better our lives, so we may continue to work as a community to build strong bodies and stronger hearts! We look forward to seeing you sporting this jersey at workouts, events, and during every day activities! Here is to another great year ahead! Read more

#FiAhearts #FiA2016

Designer: Thunder, FiA LKN

PS: You can learn more about how to prevent heart disease on the American Heart Association's website (here).

Delivery Times: All items below with the FiA 2016 Race Jersey logo will be produced at the end of the order deadline,  October 10, 2016. And these will be delivered by end of October.                       

For FiA questions, please contact Wheels (Allyson Colaco) at

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