2017 Triple Down Gear Pre-Order

This shirt and event are to celebrate the humble beginnings of FiA Raleigh. In breaking with the current protocol, believe it or not, 3 years ago F3 Raleigh helped launch FiA Raleigh at Brier Creek Elementary School. In the early days, a few of the F3ers found a little leftover energy, following their two regular workouts, to help lead the FiA Raleigh beta workouts. As they lead FiA Raleigh through their first 4 weeks, it became somewhat of a challenge to the men to see who could stick it out through all three workouts.  We now commemorate this feat annually with the Triple Down: a three hour, F3/FiA convergence comprised of all three F3/FiA Brier Creek workouts: F3 Quickhatch, F3 Weekend Crick and FiA Flight Deck. 
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